What to Do with Finished Diamond Painting

What to Do with Finished Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is all the rage nowadays as it does not require a ton of skill and is an easy craft to enjoy on your own or as a group. However, you might wonder what to do with the finished diamond painting you worked so hard on?

Once you have finished the diamond painting, you must put the finishing touches to ensure that the beads adhere to the painting. Then you can mount your painting to decorate your house or give it away as a handmade gift.

If you want to know more about what to do with finished diamond painting, then keep on reading!

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a kind of art that does not require any kind of paint. All it needs is a sticky surface where you can attach beads in chronological order. These individual rhinestones in a canvas give it the pixel art look.  

You do not have to work hard and buy rhinestone or canvas and find your path to do this painting.

Instead, you can easily find a diamond art kit in any arts and crafts store. The kit has a pre-painted canvas that has directions in it too. So, all you have to do is place shiny beads in a pre-painted canvas with markings.

Users often find this craft form of art therapy. It requires a great deal of precision, thus concentration. People from all ages and walks of life can equally enjoy it as it does not require any skill other than patience.

What Should You Do with the Finished Diamond Painting?

After finishing the tedious work of attaching crystals on a sticky canvas, what to do with the finished art?

Firstly, you have to put the finishing touches on the art, and once that is done, you can frame the art and decorate your walls or gift it to a loved one who will appreciate the art.

1. Make Sure That the Beads Adhere to the Canvas Properly

While you are busy placing each of the beads deftly, you might miss the external particles like dust mites, fuzz, or strings that can stick to the canvas.

These dirty objects will obscure the beautiful aesthetic of your art. Make sure to get rid of these dirt particles to preserve your art immaculately.

To remove these dirt particles, use a dry brush or silk cloth and gently sweep it across the surface of the painting.

When you are concentrating on attaching the gleaming resins, you might not press hard enough for the pieces to adhere to the canvas.

In this case, to ensure that all the beads are secured, use a roller over the beads. The roller ensures that all the loose beads cling to the sticky surface and do not fall off.

So, if you want to avoid getting bald spots in that beautiful painting, don’t forget to use the handy roller!

2. Seal the Finished Painting with a Sealant

The diamond crystals are only held in place with some glue, so there is a risk of the glue losing its stickiness over time.

As a result, the beads will come off, and all your hard work will go in vain. However, there is a relatively simple solution to this problem! All you need to do is use a sealant over the painting, and that will secure the painting.

Sealants can be found in spray or paint form. Please choose the one that you deem best and apply it evenly across the surface. However, understand that this is the very last step of the project, and you will be unable to make any further changes to the project at hand.

3. Frame, Mount, Or Store Your Finished Painting

Once you have pressed all the pieces and secured the painting with sealant, you can now frame it to decorate your house or gift, the beautiful artwork. There are several ways that you can frame, mount, or store the painting. Let’s look at the different methods.

  • Store It Using a Foam Board Or a Cardboard box

A foam board or cardboard box is a great way to store your art. Firstly, for a foam board, you have to measure the dimensions of the painting and cut up two such foam boards.

Then, wrap the painting with the foam board and secure the foam with duct tape to keep all the parts in place.

If cutting the foam board is a hassle, you can opt to store your piece in a cardboard box.

Wrap the painting in a thin paper sheet or newspaper to avoid dust particles settling in the painting and place it in a cardboard box. Then you can keep the box in a convenient place.   

  • Display in a Frame Or Pre-Stretched Canvas

If you wish to mount your painting, then you can adhere the painting with glue over a frame or canvas. Ensure that the frames you are using are of an appropriate size. That way, the painting fits perfectly.

Additionally, make sure that your frame does not have a glass cover, as it will steal the shine of the diamond crystals. Hence, the vibrant art piece might appear dull.

Once you have secured the painting on the surface of your choice, you can proudly display your work.

Final Words

Making a diamond painting can reduce your stress and sharpen your motor skills. You can decorate your work to spruce up your desired space or gift it to a loved one to win their heart.

Everyone loves a handmade gift! Now that you know what to do with finished diamond painting keep enjoying your work and display, store or gift it away.

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