how long does spray paint take to dry

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry on Metal, Wood, Plastic?

Whether you plan to give your furniture a finishing touch or a much-needed do-over for your entire home, a fresh layer of paint will get you a drastic makeover.

An essential factor to consider while painting is the method of painting; you can choose to paint by using rollers or brushes when you have a lot of time on your hands and want to focus on details.

However, if you want a smooth finish and save time while painting, spray paint will give you exactly that.

So, now the question that comes to mind is how long does spray paint take to dry on metal, wood, plastic? We are here to answer exactly that question!

So, How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry on Metal, Wood, Plastic?

Spray paint dries the fastest on metal surfaces, taking up to ten minutes to dry. As for wood, the drying time can vary on many things but usually does not take more than two hours.

Lastly, plastic surfaces usually will need up to half an hour for the drying process to complete.

Tips on Spray Painting

Here, we’ll share some spray painting tips for you.

  • Apply in Thin Coats

Firstly, you should never forget to apply spray paint in thin layer coats rather than go overboard with the paint amount. This is because thick coatings of paint will take very long to dry.

  • Control the Paint for Precision

The best thing about using spray cans is that they will easily control the amount of paint you are applying, ensuring that the paint is spread out evenly. Also, be mindful of exactly how far you are holding the can from the surface.

Ensure that you are not holding the can too close or too far from the piece of furniture or surface.

  • Keep the Weather in Mind

Another factor is that it will be easier to paint in layers during the summer than in the winter, as the increased humidity in the air makes the drying process lengthier during winter.

So, you have to make sure to schedule your spray painting endeavors during warmer days.

  • Paint in an Area That Has Good Air Circulation

Check beforehand that the place where you are painting has good air circulation and air ventilation. For example, you can place a table fan nearby or take the furniture outdoors to speed up the drying process significantly.

However, if you are painting outside, check to see if there is a chance that dust might fall on the paint before it has dried completely. In that case, it is better to opt for painting indoors no matter the surface you are applying the paint on.

Spray Painting on Metal

spray paint metal

When you are spray painting on metal furniture or surface, it is better if you take the time to coat the furniture in several layers of paint.

As spray paint dries fast on metal, it is better to work fast to cover the furniture in thin layers so the paint does not get too cakey.

The spray paint on the metal should get dried up in less than ten minutes. The best part about this fast-drying process is that it will help you get started on applying more coats of paint, and this way, you will get the end result with less effort and time.

Spray Painting on Wood

spray paint wood

It is a bit tough to estimate precisely how long spray paint will take to dry on wood. A lot of factors such as the binding element of the paint and whether there is varnish on the wood should be taken into account to figure out the time for the drying process.

As for the binding element, spray paint that has an oil base takes longer to dry. On the other hand, water-based spray paint will, comparatively, take less time to dry.

Also, it is better to sand wooden furniture or surfaces before you get started on spray painting. The lack of varnishes on the surfaces will help the paint spread out more evenly and help the paint dry soon.

Spray Painting on Plastic

spray paint plastic

It is relatively easier to paint on a plastic surface despite the time it requires to dry. You will not need to sand or remove paints and varnishes while painting on plastic, so the overall process is pretty fast compared to other surfaces.

It usually takes up to at least half an hour for the paint to dry, but you need to be careful not to use too much paint as too much will slow down the drying process.


Spray painting can be an enjoyable activity that will help you to destress while you get ahead on your house or furniture renovations.

And now that you know the tips that will help you spray paint and exactly how long does spray paint take to dry on metal, wood, plastic surfaces, let nothing stop you from getting closer to the interior of your dreams!

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