Best Spray Paint for Vinyl Shutters

The 8 Best Spray Paint for Vinyl Shutters – Reviews in 2022

Whether it’s privacy you need or simply want to block out the sunlight seeping through your window, vinyl shutters are a great addition to any home exterior. 

However, out of all other materials, vinyl can be difficult to paint over due to its non-porous surface.

That’s why, today, we will be looking into our top picks to help you find the best spray paint for vinyl shutters. Our in-depth buying guide is designed to highlight all the key points needed to choose the right paint for you.

What Kind of Paint Will Stick to Vinyl?

Vinyl shutters require quite a bit of care when it comes to selecting the right paint. Make one wrong move, and your paint will start peeling off within weeks.

A common mistake most people make is to put too much focus on the paint itself. The primer is another key ingredient that also needs to be carefully picked to get the best results. So, let’s begin with the types of paint you should be looking at for your exterior vinyl shutters.

Based on market research, we have noticed that most users opt for acrylic-based paint. And rightfully so, the texture and consistency of acrylics are perfect for non-porous vinyl surfaces.

Upon drying, the paint has a smooth finish which will remain crack-free for quite a while. The thickness of the paint allows it to stick to your solid shutter at ease. As it dries, the bond is solidified, reducing any chances of chipping or cracking.

Some of you might think we’re going overboard with this whole ‘paint type’ issue. The reason we have to stress so much is that the shutters have a tendency to expand and contract depending on the climate. Using latex or oil paint will remain rigid and, as a result, crack on the surface of your shutters.

Top 8 Best Spray Paint for Vinyl Shutters Reviews

After looking into all the best options in the market, we have come up with a list of our top picks to help you choose. Let’s get right to it!

1. Rust-Oleum 327903-6 PK American Accents Spray Paint

Known for its durability, Rust-Oleum has been a people’s favorite since 1921. Its latest offering is no exception either. With its advanced formula, they are able to last twice as long than the other competitors. What’s more, the paint is gorgeous to look at and will enhance the appearance of the vinyl shutters.

Also, the paint isn’t just applicable to vinyl shutters. The versatile formulation will stick to wood, metal, plastic, and many other surfaces. However, when applying a coat to metal or wood, make sure you get a suitable primer.


  • Durable and long-lasting paint formula
  • Sticks to metal, wood, and vinyl
  • Can be used for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Comfort tip reduces finger fatigue


  • Takes a while to dry


Rustoleum spray paint for shutters gives a bright, clean finish while lasting for the long haul. Its durability is truly unparalleled as it sticks to any surface firmly with zero chances of cracking.

2. Dupli-Color HVP106 Flat Black High Performance Vinyl Spray

Previously specialized in touching up automotive components, Dupli-color’s paint kits have always brought utmost satisfaction. Much like the interiors of cars, your shutters also contain the same vinyl construction. And so, this 11 oz spray will breathe life into your shutters.

The formulation consists of a maximum adhesion promoter that makes it resistant to cracking, flaking, and peeling! It ensures that your painted vinyl window shutters look as good as day one.

Also, the formula does not require you to go and spend extra money on buying a suitable primer. Just clean your surface, and you’re ready to spray.


  • EZ touch conical nozzle reduces fatigue
  • Self-priming formula is easy to use
  • Resistant to cracking, flaking, and peeling
  • Compatible with vinyl fabrics


  • Takes 30 minutes to dry


Dupli-color’s paint spray is perfect for interior and exterior surfaces. The unique formulation ensures long-lasting color with little to no chances of cracking or peeling.

3. Krylon K02732007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to your paint selection problem, then the Krylon fusion is your best bet. With years of expertise, this brand has managed to perfect its formula to suit any round or flat surface.

What makes the Krylon so versatile is its ability to coat any surface without priming or sanding; this reduces the prep time so you can focus on coating your heart out. Other than vinyl, this will work just as well with wood or polystyrene shutters.


  • Versatile, as it works with a wide range of surfaces
  • Protects surfaces underneath with just one coat
  • Dries within 20 minutes or less
  • Covers up to 25 square feet


  • Paint tends to be runny on some surfaces


Nothing beats the krylon fusion for vinyl shutters because of its ability to protect the surface. The matte finish remains undisturbed with cracks even on the harshest of weather conditions.

4. Majic Paints 8-9400-2 White Interior/Exterior Satin Paint

Unlike all the other products we have listed so far, this product from Majic paints comes in a 1-quart container. The consistency and formulation of the paint are ideal for any repurpose projects you might have.

Rocking the same level of consistency in both interior and exterior projects, this paint is quite the standout in this category.

Moreover, you might think that this is a hassle over spray cans because of the prep it takes, but that is not the case. This is perfect for painting vinyl shutters as it does not require priming or sanding and is able to retain its color for long periods of time.


  • Does not require priming or sanding
  • Works with both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Excellent color retention
  • Creates a smooth satin finish


  • Can soak up stains if used on wooden surfaces


While this isn’t the best paint for vinyl shutters, it most certainly can get the job done. The satin finish is bright and vivid, and the color retention will exceed your expectations.

5. ColorBond Cinnamon Brown Refinisher Spray Paint

Our next paint spray is a cinnamon brown spray paint from ColorBond. Known for its easy refinishing colors, ColorBond has always been a go-to brand for most car enthusiasts. However, the reason it made it to our list of vinyl shutter spray paints is because of its versatility.

For starters, the deep penetrating formulation enables the color to stick to your vinyl or leather surface firmly. The finishes are so good that they will match even the finest OEM finishes. This cinnamon brown color is perfect to create a soft contrast between your windows and the shutters.


  • Compatible with vinyl and plastic window shutters
  • Creates a molecular bond to maximize color retention
  • Resistant to cracking, flaking, or peeling
  • Bonds within 10 minutes


  • Can be expensive due to poor coverage


The ColorBond spray paint was essentially created to refinish leather and vinyl car seats. With that being said, they also go pretty well with vinyl window shutters, ensuring long-term color retention.

6. Rust-Oleum 1911830 White Vinyl Spray 11 oz

For people looking to paint soft vinyl surfaces other than window shutters, this next one’s for you. The white 11 oz vinyl spray from Rust-Oleum is perfect for your vinyl upholstery or solid surfaces like your shutters.

One of the best things we like about the brand’s spray cans is their coverage. With around 11 oz, you can pretty much cover a little more than 7 square feet. It isn’t the best, but it still does a lot better than most alternatives out there. And, the paint will dry in almost 10 minutes! That makes it perfect for quick DIYers.


  • Contains actual vinyl resins to aid paint flexibility
  • Durable and long-lasting shine
  • Dries within 10 minutes
  • Ideal for various kinds of vinyl surfaces


  • Gloss might turn out uneven when used on seats


This paint spray is perfect for people who are looking to get the job done in the quickest possible way. Actual paint resin integrated into the formula helps with color retention for smooth and shiny finishes.

7. Pintyplus Evolution Solvent Based Spray Paint – 11oz

If you’re looking for perfection and even coats, then the PintyPlus evolution spray paint is just for you. The acrylic base formulation gives you the right texture upon drying; this makes it ideal for most shutters despite their material construction.

Other than being versatile, the paint is durable and long-lasting in both outdoor and indoor conditions. As your window shutters will be subject to weathering conditions, durability is something that should concern you.

The quick-drying paint will ensure color retention in metal, vinyl, wood, and even polypropylene shutters.


  • Versatile, as it works with various surface types
  • Quick and easy usage
  • Smooth and consistent layers upon drying
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use


  • Poor tip design can be uncomfortable


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage, the PintyPlus spray cans come with tons of vibrant colors and the best finishes. The quick-to-dry formula will allow you to layer on colors faster than the rest.

8. Krylon 2324 ‘Fusion for Plastic’ Hunter Green Plastic Paint

Cutting off our list is this fusion for plastic spray paint from Krylon. Much like our previous Krylon recommendation, this is also extremely versatile. Without the need for sanding or priming, you cut down all that prepping time and go straight to the fun stuff.

What’s more, the can features a 360-degree EZ touch tip which is designed for comfort; this reduces the force required to spray, keeping your fingers relaxed at all times.

Moreover, the paint base was originally made to stick to plastic, but with some modifications, it became entirely versatile. Now you can use it on your metal, plastic, vinyl, wood, or ceramic surfaces without any worry.


  • Compatible with most flat surfaces
  • Quick-drying formula
  • The EZ tip works wonders for projects that take hours to finish.
  • No priming or sanding required


  • Takes 7 days to become chip resistant


While it is an all-in-one paint spray, there are certain materials it works best on, like plastic. However, it will still give you an exceptional shine on vinyl and other surfaces.

Comparison Table of Vinyl Shutter Spray Paint

NameSurface TypeDrying TimeFinish Type
Rust-Oleum 327903-6 PK American Accents Spray PaintMetal, Wood, Vinyl, Plastic20 minutesGlossy
Dupli-Color HVP106 Flat Black High Performance Vinyl SprayVinyl and Fabric30 minutesGlossy
Krylon K02732007 Fusion All-In-One Spray PaintPlastic, Vinyl, Wood, Metal, PVC20 minutesMatte  
Majic Paints 8-9400-2 White Interior/Exterior Satin PaintVinyl, Wood, Brick, Glass, Steel, AluminumNot mentionedSatin
ColorBond Cinnamon Brown Refinisher Spray PaintLeather, Vinyl, Plastic10 minutesGlossy
Rust-Oleum 1911830 White Vinyl Spray 11 ozVinyl10 minutesGlossy
Pintyplus Evolution Solvent Based Spray Paint – 11ozWood, Metal, Stone, Paper, Cardboard, Some PlasticsNot mentionedMatte
Krylon 2324 ‘Fusion for Plastic’ Hunter Green Plastic PaintPlastics, PVC, Resins, Vinyl    15 minutesGlossy

How to Choose the Right Paint for Vinyl Shutters

Before going out to pick your paint, there are a few considerations you should have in mind. These will allow you to judge your choice better and make a sounder decision.

1. Coverage

The first thing you need to assess is how much you can cover with one can of paint.

Make sure you check out reviews of the paint texture, as that can be an indicator of the coverage. You don’t want to keep running to the store for extra paint cans to complete one project.

The ideal paint for your vinyl window shutters should have a thick consistency; this will ensure that you are able to spray almost both of your shutters. However, it is always a good idea to have a few backup cans.

2. Finish

The finish of the paint will determine the crucial part of your window’s aesthetic. If it is too glossy, it might take up too much of the spotlight. Alternatively, you don’t want your solid shutters to be understated.

Paint sprays in the market typically come either in gloss, matte, or satin finish. While this is entirely up to your preferences, the gloss finish takes the cake in most houses. The satin and matte finishes are excellent, but they complement a niche design of houses.

3. Drying-Speed

Whenever it comes to doing DIY projects, people tend to keep moving at a fast pace. If your painted layer takes hours to dry, you have just wasted your money on a bad paint can.

Generally, spray paint tends to dry faster than other methods. But with advancements in technology, newer fast-drying paints have emerged. These have tweaks in their chemical formulation, which allows them to dry at half the speed.

4. Color

It is important to know which color you want to layer on top of the shutter’s base color; this is mainly because the tone of the base color will determine what your end product looks like.

If the base color of your vinyl siding is bright, then we would advise you to apply one coat of paint or maybe two. As your shutter will expand and contract with changes in temperature, you need to keep your paint layers to a minimum.

Generally, we discourage using dark colors because they tend to absorb heat more. As a result, black shutters will tend to chip and crack much faster than white or light blue ones.

If you really think a dark color would complement your exterior aesthetics, then you should install wood shutters instead of vinyl as they absorb less heat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What preps do I need to do before actually painting?

Answer: Most paint types will require you to clean your surface with a clean cloth and also sand it for smoothness. After which, you should lay down a couple of coatings with your desired primer.

All the products listed above are self-primed and don’t require priming. However, for the best results, you should clean and sand your surface lightly.

2. Can I use vinyl paints on wood surfaces?

Answer: Not all paint types will be compatible with the grains of a wooden surface. Most vinyl paints are versatile and stick to various other surfaces too. Check out the details of your chosen paint type to be sure.

3. How do I reach tight angles?

Answer: If you’re using a paint bucket, then we would advise you to get thin brushes that will let you access the little nooks and crannies.

In the case of spray cans, most of them come with any angle spray technology; this allows you to use the can at any orientation you want.

4. What does dry to handle mean?

Answer: This means that the object you painted on can be moved from one place to another or operated on.

5. Can I use vinyl upholstery paint on my shutters?

Answer: If your shutters are also made of vinyl, then please go ahead. In most cases, vinyl upholstery paint will work with other surfaces like wood, metal, and plastic.

Final Words

Painting your vinyl shutters is a task that should not be taken lightly. The look of your home’s exterior depends entirely on the selected paint. Therefore, you must pay close attention when choosing the best spray paint for vinyl shutters.

All the paint types mentioned above are mainly versatile and work with most surfaces. They also require no priming or sanding, which should save you tons of extra work.

We wish you good luck with your project, and remember, patience is key!

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