Best Sealer for Diamond Painting

10 Best Sealer for Diamond Painting – Buying Guide and How To

If you follow all the latest arts and crafts trends, you are surely a diamond painting lover by now. Diamond painting is a medium of relaxation.

When it comes to crafts as such that require a lot of time & patience and leave you with a beautiful piece to proudly showcase, you really get to sit back and relax once it’s finished.

But the dilemma comes when it’s time to preserve the precious diamond art you have spent so much time behind. How do you preserve it? With the best sealer for diamond painting, of course!

That is what we are here to talk about today. With our recommendations, you can confidently put all of your efforts into making a stunning diamond art because you can be assured that it will last well.

Our 10 Best Sealer for Diamond Painting

We have scoured the market for the very best products we could find. Hopefully, our recommendations will not fail you. Before you make a decision, check the buying guide.

1. Aleene’s 26412 Spray Acrylic Sealer

We are starting off with a spray sealer and one of the very best of this kind. This brand has been created with superior quality tacky glue in mind, which speaks volumes about why all of its products are so good.

The product we are talking about is great at sealing small loose items in. It is protective, and it also provides a high-shine finish. The best part is that it is applicable to a wide array of art projects, not just diamond painting.

Did we mention that it’s environment-friendly? Yes, it contains no CFCs. So, you can use this without any worry.


  • Durable shiny finish
  • Clear from the get-go– application and drying
  • No CFCs is present– environmentally friendly
  • Applicable to a wide range of projects


  • May feel sticky if applied too thick


Our first contender for the best glue for diamond painting title is great for a quicky-drying and high-shine seal. It ticks all the boxes as a spray sealer and is not toxic as an added bonus!

2. DecoArt TG01-36 Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

We have already spoken about spray sealers, but if you are looking for a brush-on sealer for diamond painting, allow us to introduce the DecoArt triple thick gloss glaze.

If you are into art, then you already know that DecoArt is a renowned paint brand. But did you know that they make other art supplies of great quality? This thick glaze can be a testament to that.

This product applies on all sorts of surfaces– from wood to china to metal, and it provides the smoothest finish you’ll come to love. Since it is so thick, one coat is all you need for the perfect finish.


  • Leaves no stroke marks– facilitating a smooth finish
  • Adds a depth illusion to the piece– filling in the nooks and crannies
  • Provides an amazing glass-like smooth finish
  • Very easy to apply


  • Not heat resistant
  • Cannot be used outdoors


Although it cannot be used outside or in sunlight, this product will protect your diamond art very well and provide a thick, glass-like finish, filling in all the gaps. So, if you plan to stay strictly indoors, go for it without any doubts.

3. Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer

Up next, we have another household name that anyone who has used school supplies will recognize. Yes, it is Mod Podge!

A staple item for DIY crafters all around the world, Mod Podge is an all-in-one product that can be used as a sealer, adhesive glue, finishing, and more!

This particular version is different from the classic, as it comes with glitter inside. So, your diamond art will get a unique sheen. Also, clean-up is easy; it just needs water & soap. And it dries quickly!


  • All-in-one sealer, adhesive glue, and finisher– a versatile product
  • Will add a sparkly twist to your diamond art
  • Quick-drying– will not keep you waiting
  • Can be cleaned up easily if needed


  • The glitters tend to clump together a little


The stand-out point of this sealant is the extra glitter. If you want something more from your sealer, try this! Beware of thick layers, though, because the glitters may clump together.

4. Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer

Next, we have another Mod Podge product, and this one is a spray sealant.

The formula of the product is clear. It comes off clear, dries clear, and stays that way. So, say goodbyes to dull sealants that turn yellow over time.

We loved how quick drying it is. It’s very easy to apply, dries quickly, and can be cleaned up just as easily. Also, it doesn’t run. What more could you ask for?


  • A very convenient can size– not too much or too little
  • Dries very glossy and completely clear
  • Versatile– can be applied on wood, canvas, metal, terracotta, and more
  • All in one sealer, finisher, and glue– adding more versatility


  • Costs a little higher


From a well-loved brand, we did not expect anything less. If you are in need of a quick-drying, reliable sprayer, this is it! Because of the acrylic in it, the chances of it turning yellow are next to none.

5. Unicorn Art Epoxy Resin Kit Clear Casting Liquid

Epoxy resin is a fan favorite when it comes to any form of craft– from woodworking to painting to sculpting. If you want to try this wonder fluid on your diamond art, no other brand makes one as good as Unicorn Art.

A common worry about epoxy resins is that they are toxic. This one is not toxic, and there are no fumes or odors in it. Also, it levels by itself and cures in a varnish-like finish.


  • Self-leveling and ensures the smoothest possible surface
  • No fumes, odors, or toxic materials– safe for use
  • Simple to mix up and use
  • High-quality epoxy resin– will create an extra protection layer


  • The instruction ratio might be slightly off


This product has minimal bubbles, is self-leveling, and dries in the signature clear smooth finish epoxy resins are known for. It will fill in the gaps well and harden to make a long-lasting result.

6. Mod Podge Ultra-Gloss/Matte

Did you think we were done recommending Mod Podge? Well, you are wrong! This next one is an ultra-glossy formula that comes in a small, convenient size. And if you prefer a matte instead, that is available too.

Because of the high adhesion, rest assured that your tiny diamond pieces are well-protected. I also appreciate that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, which means the sun will not change its color. Despite being high-adhesion, it dries completely non-tacky.


  • Small size that is convenient to use
  • Available in both ultra-glossy and matte finishes
  • Great for both the indoors and the outdoors– versatile
  • Non-tacky finish


  • The spray nozzle could be better


Here is a product that packs the same great Mod Podge formula in a small, convenient bottle. It is perfect for on-the-go applications and easy storage.

7. Plaid Delta Patricia Nimocks Clear Acrylic Sealer

Delta is a brand by Plaid, a quality art supply company. It is made targeting home décor enthusiasts, so their products work particularly well on anything meant to decorate a home.

This Patricia Nimocks acrylic sealer can be used for many things, but in our case– as a sealer for diamond painting. Unlike cheap acrylic cleaners, they will not get yellow and dirty over time. It is quite useful around the house if you can stomach the strong smell.


  • Protects from dust, dirt, and similar problems
  • Does not yellow– dries clear and stays that way
  • Adds shine to the surface, which makes the paintings look even better
  • Usable on many surfaces


  • Has a strong smell


If you do not have a sensitive nose and can look past the strong smell, it is a solid acrylic sealer that does the job well. Besides diamond art, it is very versatile and would suit many of your arts and crafts projects.

8. Picmondoo Diamond Painting Conserver

Up until now, we have not talked about any product specifically made for sealing diamond paintings. Picomondoo is a brand dedicated to making diamond art-related products only, so you can guess that this must work amazingly well.

It will drill diamond paintings and seal all the rhinestones in place for good. Furthermore, it will work well with 5D diamond paintings, too, aside from the more common 3D ones.

Generally, the shine of the rhinestones is unaffected, but one user did complain otherwise. So, we would recommend doing a test drive before using this, just to be safe.


  • Specifically made for diamond art, so works amazingly
  • Compatible with 5D diamond art
  • Prevents popping out of diamond beads
  • Economical and good value for money


  • May not be as glossy as you desire


As a brand dedicated to making diamond art supplies, Picmondoo made this product perfect for the sealing diamond arts. It is the ideal match for 5D diamond arts. The pour-in method is one of the easiest we’ve tried.

9. Mod Podge Bundle Gloss and Matte Medium Waterproof Sealer

Our last Mod Podge item is actually a full bundle that you can pick up with a  diamond painting kit.

This bundle comes with two 8-ounce Mod Podges – one matte and one glossy. It also has an assessor kit which includes 3 differently-sized foam brushes, 5 spreader tools, 3 pairs of hand gloves, a rubber brayer, and 3 spreaders. All of these items will help you in your diamond art project.

The value of the entire thing as a bundle is worth every penny. You can use the remaining items for other craft projects or small fixings!


  • Comes with both matte and glossy variations– room for creativity
  • Has a handy accessory kit
  • Waterproof– will protect the art well
  • Great value as a bundle


  • No significant cons found


If you like to mix and match or try different finishes before settling into one, this bundle would be perfect for you as it offers both matte and glossy sealers. The accessory kit is the cherry on top!

10. Judikins Diamond Glaze

Last but certainly not least, we have another dedicated diamond sealer from Judikins. As it is made exclusively for diamond painting sealing, it marvels at the task effortlessly.

The application technique of this product is unique; you just have to pour directly from the bottle. No mixing, shaking, spraying, or rushing is required. It does not get easier than this.

As long as the product is not dried up, you can easily clean it off with some water and soap– which is another plus point in our books.


  • Easy to apply- directly pour through the nozzle
  • Gives a raised, sealed, glass-like surface
  • Can be cleaned up easily before drying
  • Usable on other projects as well


  • May create some bubbles


Judikins made a solid diamond art sealer that is versatile enough for other small hand-crafted projects. It sets fast and dries to look like glass– so we loved it. The combination of thick, filling finish and quick-drying is rare, so grab it while you can.

Comparison Table

Here is a comparison list of the items for a quick review:

Product NameApplication TypeWeight (fluid ounce)FormulaFinish
1. Aleene’s 26412 Spray Acrylic SealerSpray6Acrylic-basedGlossy
2. DecoArt TG01-36 Triple Thick Gloss GlazeBrush8Not foundGlossy  
3. Mod Podge Waterbase SealerBrush8Water-basedSparkly
4. Mod Podge Spray Acrylic SealerSpray12Acrylic-basedGlossy
5. Unicorn Art Epoxy Resin Kit Clear Casting LiquidBrush or pour32Epoxy ResinGlossy
6. Mod Podge Ultra-Gloss/MatteSpray8Water-basedGlossy or Matte
7. Plaid Delta Patricia Nimocks Clear Acrylic SealerSpray12Acrylic-basedGlossy
8. Picmondoo Diamond Painting ConserverSponge3.4Not foundGlossy  
9. Mod Podge Bundle Gloss and Matte Medium Waterproof SealerBrush16Water-basedGlossy and Matte
10. Judikins Diamond GlazePour8Water-basedGlass-like

How to Seal Diamond Painting Easily

Before we get to the product description and reviews, let’s first see how you actually seal a diamond painting. Simply follow the steps below–

Step 1: Applying Weights

First, you have to ensure that all of your little diamond beads are properly and fully stuck to the canvas. To do that, you need either a rolling pin or some sort of weight. With the rolling pin, press and roll firmly all over the canvas to ensure that the diamonds are stuck.

Then, with any weights, place them on top of the canvas for a few minutes, ensuring that all diamonds are covered.

Doing this will ensure that all of the little diamonds are totally flat against the surface and are locked in tight to the adhesive.

Tip: Cover the canvas with an old t-shirt to prevent any breakage or scratches on the diamonds.

Step 2: Dipping the Brush (Subjective)

This is only applicable if you are using a sealant in a jar. Otherwise, go to step 3.

Use any type of brush you have at hand– bristled or foam– and dip its tip inside the jar. Be careful not to take too much product in one go. Then, begin applying it. The product will look thick & white initially, similar to glues, but do not fret; it will turn clear as it dries down.

You can apply thick coatings, but ensure that they are full coatings. Otherwise, the surface will look uneven.

The thick product will fill all the tiny gaps in between every diamond. It will take about a day to dry and harden properly. Other advantages include waterproofing, dirt resistance, ease of cleaning, durability, etc. The biggest con is that the painting will not be rollable anymore.

Step 3: Using a Sprayer (Subjective)

If you are using a spray sealer, avoid step 2. The advantage of spray sealers is that they coat the diamonds in a crystal-clear shiny finish, so your diamonds will not lose their sparkle as time passes. Also, your painting can be rolled up if needed. And these sealers dry much quicker.

But the downside is that spray sealers will not fill in any gaps that are present in your canvas, which the dipping ones will. So, the beads will be less secured comparatively

To apply, simply spray a nice even layer of the sealant on your painting, avoiding the surrounding areas as much as possible. Also, use tape around the edges of the painting for a clean finish. And you are good to go!

Diamond Painting Sealer Buying Guide

Before you get diamond painting sealers, you should consider a few factors to ensure that you have the perfect match. They are explained below–


If you want a crystal clear and highly shiny finish, then a spray sealer would be great for you. For a thick, varnish, or glass-like finish, avoid sprays because they will not work. Get a jarred version or epoxy resin.

Some may even prefer a matte finish, which can be found in some Mod Podge products.


Generally, all sealants are clear or get clear after they dry down. However, some of them come with fun mix-ins such as glitter. Glitters can add a bit of dazzle to your diamond art. However, if you do not properly check the labels and accidentally buy one, it will be an unwelcome surprise.

So, make sure the product you are buying is actually what you think it is– otherwise, you would have wasted your money.


Think about the pros and cons of spray and jarred sealants and match them with what you want. If you want to be able to roll up your art to transport or stash it somewhere, then you must stick to sprays. Again, if you want a sealant that will dry fast, sprays are your best bet.

On the other hand, if you want your sealant to fill the drill and all the little empty spots in between the rhinestones, then you must use a jarred sealant. Sprays cannot provide that.

Also, if you want a varnish or glass-like hard, smooth surface, jarred ones are more appropriate for you.

Ease of Application

How much effort you are willing to put in also matters. Some sealants like epoxy resin require measurement and mixing, which may be a hassle. The jarred ones do not provide enough control, as you have to use a brush to apply. Also, they may leave brush strokes sometimes.

In terms of ease of application, the sealants meant for directly pouring, or the ones that use a spray mechanism are the easiest to use. However, they do have some serious drawbacks, which you should keep in mind.

Also, keep ease of clean-up in mind. Spending hours cleaning up after an accidental spill is dreadful and should be avoided.

Drying Time

Are you in a hurry to gift your prized possession to someone and have decided to quickly apply a coat of sealant before giving it away? Well, if that is the case, then getting a jarred sealant would be counterproductive since they need at least one whole day to dry.

So, depending on your emergency, choose the item.


Every purchase decision should have a fixed budget. You do not want something so cheap that it fills your room with toxic fumes and leaves bubbles & glops everywhere. But you also do not want a sealer that costs almost as much as the diamond painting kit itself.

So, set a reasonable budget range and shop accordingly.


Check if the sealant contains harmful ingredients or toxic fumes. Stay away from it if it does. You should always keep safety at the 1st on your priority list.

Generally, water-based products are the safest to use. But this does not mean that acrylic ones are bad. They can be toxic, though, so you must always verify before adding the product to your cart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use sealers on partially done diamond art?

Answer: Sure, you can. But, be careful not to get any sealers on the blank canvas when doing so. You should apply on to the partially done diamond beaded areas. To ensure that, you can use smaller brushes and something to cover up the blank part if spraying.

2. Do diamond art kits come with sealers?

Answer: Usually, diamond art kits do not come with any sealants. You have to buy them on your own. The regular items included in a kit are– canvas with an adhesive layer, acrylic rhinestones, applicator tool, tweezers, and adhesive wax.

3. How does diamond painting come together?

Answer: It is fairly simple! First, remove the protective layer on top of the pre-painted canvas. Then, follow the specific colors and guide to apply the diamonds to the painting carefully. It will make sense once you finish!

4. Can I use the adhesive wax for sealing?

Answer: No, you can’t. The provided wax is meant for helping you pick up the tiny pieces of rhinestones. They are not suitable for sealing. Using it can even ruin your work.

5. What is partial diamond art?

Answer: This refers to a canvas that is not meant to be totally covered by diamonds. For this type of canvases, you only need to cover a specific part of the canvas. This is perfect for novices who might not have the patience to sit and finish an entire diamond art kit.

Final Words

Diamond painting takes a lot of time. With the perfect sealer, the art that you have spent so many hours on can be protected and proudly displayed. It will also enhance the overall look of the painting. And, with a sealer, the diamond art will last for a really long time, without missing pieces or losing shine.

So, skipping the sealer is not recommended. If you follow our article, you can easily get the best sealer for diamond painting at your disposal.

Hope you have a relaxing session! Don’t rush the process!

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