Best Paint for Fiberglass Door

What Is The Best Paint for Fiberglass Door? – Our Advice on Top 5

A good paint not only enhances the look of your fiberglass door but also provides it protection.

Now, fiberglass doors are actually comparatively easy to paint and maintain. But, they come with many unique features and maintenance rules. Since painting is not a regular chore, you must get it perfected when done.

To help you get your hands on the best paint for fiberglass door, we have come up with a thorough review, a well-researched buying guide, and answers to related questions. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Fiberglass Paint

Before you get into the reviews, you should know about the things you should consider before buying paint for a fiberglass door. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Usage

Paints can primarily be divided into two types on their usage. Internal use type and external use type. Since most fiberglass doors receive sunlight, external use paints are best for them. However, if your fiberglass is part of the interior furniture, an internal use paint will work too.

Other than the two primary types, some paints work well in both conditions. If you need dual-purpose paint, get polyester-based paint.

2. Finish & Color

Of course, the color you will be using is one of the first things to choose. However, the color on the packaging and the actual color of the product often vary. Besides, multi-surface paints are often translated differently into different surfaces. Before buying, make sure you get a patch test done.

Again, there are three types of finishes of paint – matte, satin, and gloss. Depending on your preference, you may choose one.

3. Formula

Fiberglass paints have many formulations. Water-based, oil-based, water-latex, oil-latex, polyester-based, etc., are some of the common formulas. Besides, you can also consider gel paint for fiberglass doors.

A lot of the characteristics of a paint depend on its formula. For example, water-based paints have better coverage. On the other hand, oil-based formulas are more durable, and hybrid formulas are more versatile. When it comes to the formula, you have to keep your need in mind.

4. Coverage

You must not overlook the coverage of your paint. Sometimes, while refinishing, you have to trim around glass in doors. In such cases, the coverage of your paint needs to be adjusted.

Lighter formulas essentially have more coverage. If you find a thick formula with good coverage, you won’t need to layer up as much.

5. Durability

Durability is one of the most essential elements of paint. Always go for solid and durable formulas. Other than oil-based paint, epoxy resin paint is also very durable. To make it work better, you could use fiberglass resin as an adhesive material.

Our 5 Best Paint for Fiberglass Door

After going through several options, we selected five paints as our top choices for fiberglass doors. Here’s what we have for you.

1. Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint by Renaissance DIY, Poly Kit

This one from Retique comes in every possible shade you could imagine. All the colors have a distinct element to their names, which signifies their true shade. Besides, each color has its own code through which you can easily determine it.

Besides the Poly Kit, the product also comes in three other sizes – the Pint, the Quart, and the Gallon. The product quantity ranges from 16 ounces to 128 ounces, which is a very good range for only four sizes. As for the finishing, the paint dries completely matte. It is suitable for both internal and external usage.

Moving on to the performance, this paint provides great coverage with minimum coating and is worthy of being titled as the best paint for fiberglass door. You won’t even need to use a fiberglass paint primer before it.

The paint dries in half an hour and produces little to no odor. Although the paint lasts long in general, it’s also easy to remove if you wish to.


  • Does not require a primer before application
  • Environment-friendly
  • Produces very little odor
  • Easy to polish


  • Does not perform well upon applying multiple coats


If you want your furniture paint to excel in both quality and color selection, you can consider this paint.

2. Modern Masters 275266 Front Door Paint

Satin finishes are rarely found in fiberglass paints. But its finish is not the only thing that makes this Modern Masters paint special. There is so much more to it!

First of all, this is a watercolor. While this type of color can bear unique finishes, a major disadvantage is its long drying time. This paint takes about an hour to dry completely. Each container consists of 1 quart of product, is made of plastic, and has a jar shape.

Even though paints formulated with water take a long time to dry, they set well when they dry up. Besides, they also provide great coverage due to their thin formulation. This paint is ideal for both wooden and metal doors. Although you can use it both internally and externally, it works better on the inside.

All the colors in this range come with artistic names, adding extra appeal to the paint. Smooth upon curing, this paint isn’t high-maintenance at all. Moreover, to preserve its texture, it is infused with a special technology named “Never-Fade.”


  • Has a beautiful satin finish
  • Spreads across a good distance
  • Can be used for both wood and metal furniture
  • Easy to sustain


  • Needs a lot of coats


If you have wooden and metal doors, you don’t need to think twice before buying it.

3. Rust-Oleum 238313 Door Paint

No matter how good your paint is, with time, it gets moldy and starts to collect rust. But with this paint from Rust-Oleum, you won’t have to worry about that. The name says it all!

As hinted by the name of the brand itself, this is a rust-resistant formula composed of oil. Oil is an excellent rust repellent that will actively work to increase the longevity of your door. Besides, this formula also prevents any sort of wearing or damage done from harsh weather.

A door is exactly the surface where this paint works the best. Many users suggest pairing the paint with the Rustoleum fiberglass primer to get the finest results. Considering the price point, one can of paint bears a good amount of product.

One downside of this paint is its drying time. It takes almost an hour to two for it to fully dry. Although it is said to have a gloss finish, it is not a high-gloss paint. Instead, you will witness only a little shine upon curing it, almost like a satin formula.


  • Provides great coverage
  • Actively protects the surface
  • Resists most forms of abrasion
  • Prevents rusting


  • Has a long drying time


Durability is one of the prime specialties of paint. And in that case, this rustoleum fiberglass paint exceeds all expectations.

4. KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

When it comes to finding the best paint for fiberglass doors, KILZ is a name we can never ignore. The brand has established itself in the market by producing top-notch products for decades.

Contrary to a common belief, this is not an exterior-grade water-based latex paint. Instead, it has an oil-latex base. Such kinds of formulas are adhesive, flexible, and resistant. The paint comes in a can and has a completely matte finish.

You can use the paint of different types of exterior surfaces, even the ones that undergo rough conditions. If you want to mattify the look of a comparatively shiny surface, this is an excellent choice. Besides, it also resists most kinds of deterioration.

You can apply this paint using different tools like spray, brushes, etc. It also has an enviable coverage limit which makes your job easier. However, it has a long drying period.


  • Works well with almost all applicators
  • Covers an extraordinary distance
  • Oil-latex base helps in a well-rounded performance
  • Versatile in terms of surface compatibility


  • Recoating requires a long intermediary period


Some things are worth the wait! If you can manage to wait between the drying stages of each coat, pick this up.

5. THE ONE Paint and Primer

Our final pick is yet another watercolor, can-packaged paint. However, there are a couple of interesting things about it that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Firstly, this paint mix combines both paint and primer. You won’t have to use an external primer with this. We know that watercolors tend to face damage upon exposure to water. But this two-in-one formula makes sure this paint remains solid directly after application.

Secondly, each color in this range comes in all three finishes. This feature allows users to enhance the appearance of their furniture. Moreover, you only need one coat of the product since it is quite pigmented.

There are two sizes (1L, 250 mL) of this product. Although the brand claims you can use the paint for both internal and external use, it is more suitable for the interior. It is not the best paint for fiberglass front door that gets a lot of sun.


  • No need for extra primer
  • Comes in three different finishes
  • Works well on different surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, metal, etc
  • Eco-friendly


  • Does not handle sun exposure well


Those of you who don’t want to spend on an additional primer, consider this your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does fiberglass need to be primed before painting?

Answer: Fiberglass does not exactly need priming because its texture is even enough. However, it is better to prime because it increases the adhesion and durability of the paint.

2. Do you have to sand a fiberglass door before painting?

Answer: No, you do not have to sand a fiberglass door before painting. Wood and its variants need sanding before painting, not fiberglass. Instead, you can just clean it.

3. How do you prep fiberglass for painting?

Answer: The best way to prep fiberglass for painting is to use a generous coating of primer before painting. Users are particularly very fond of etching primers these days.

4. Is it better to paint or stain a fiberglass door?

Answer: Fiberglass doors usually get exposed to the sun a lot. Stain does not hold well against the harmful sun rays. To protect your door and to give it a better look, you should paint it.

5. How do you maintain a fiberglass exterior door?

Answer: Fiberglass exterior doors need occasional tending. If the color of a specific area gets faded, repaint the entire unit. Besides, clean the door regularly. Make sure external damages to the paint are minimized as much as possible.

6. How do I clean a fiberglass door before painting?

Answer: Before painting, you must clean the fiberglass door well. Firstly, remove any dirt or dust on it. You can also use a glass cleaner for this step. Then, wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth.

Final Words

At the end of the day, paint works best when applied properly. However, remember that the best paint for fiberglass door excels in adhesion, durability, and versatility. Since there are so many good options out there, you should not settle for anything less.

We hope that our research could be of some use to you. Now select a good paint, pick up those tools, and unleash your inner artist. Good luck!

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