Best Fabric Spray Paint for Outdoor Cushion

Best Fabric Spray Paint for Outdoor Cushions, Umbrella, Upholstery & More

A quick and easy way to renew and bring color to your worn-out outdoor cushions is simply going over them with good fabric spray paint. However, there’s a lot of variety among fabric spray paints, with a large part of them being used for indoor purposes and the other part for outdoor.

It can get confusing when choosing a suitable outdoor spray paint for cushions.

So, our research team sifted through endless verified consumer reviews from the web to bring you the best fabric spray paint for outdoor cushions we could find. In the following article, we’ll be taking you through our list of the 5 most praised outdoor fabric spray paints we’ve gathered.

What Should I Paint Outdoor Cushions with?

When outdoor cushions get faded and worn out, it’s usually a sign of weather damage. The typical response of people when their cushions turn out this way is to paint over them. It can be done by using 6-7 bottles of fabric medium mixed with equal parts of water and paint.

However, this can be very damaging to the fabric of your cushions, even though it might give you temporary satisfaction the first few days.

The truth is, this fabric medium, water, and paint combo take about 4-5, sometimes even 6 coats, to fully latch onto the fabric of your cushions. Most of the time, the paint isn’t even intended for outdoor use, which can cause it to quickly erode or even come off on your skin as you make contact with it.

Another frustration is that this method can cause streaks of your cushions’ original color to peek through from the color you’ve selected. Over time, the paint may even crack and completely damage the material of the cushions.

That is why we, and many at-home DIYers, prefer using outdoor fabric spray paints for this job. With this specific type of paint, you can avoid all the extra steps, risks of streaks and cracks, and the cost to buy both paints and mediums. So, it would be best if you painted your cushions with fabric spray paints.

Can You Spray Paint Fabric Cushions?

outdoor cushion spray paint

Yes, you can. Various fabric spray paints are formulated for different fabric types, so no matter the material of cushions you have, there’s spray paint made specifically for it.

It’s best to use fabric spray paints to paint your cushions instead of other methods. First, you won’t be risking the material of your cushions cracking because the paint reacts well with it.

Secondly, the paint is made to resist the harmful conditions of the outdoors, so you’ll be adding a protective layer over your cushions along with vibrant color.

Spray painting is a fast, effortless, and inexpensive way to renew your cushions. Plus, it’s much more effective in covering up weather damage stains and is reliable in the long term as well.

How Do You Refresh Faded Outdoor Cushions?

Our answer is spray paint. It’s the quickest and easiest way to bring back life to your faded cushions.

Faded cushions are signs of wear and tear, dust build-up, weather damage, and even overwashing. Take off the covers of the cushions and wash them once; if most of the paleness goes away, it’s probably because a layer of dust had built up on it. If you don’t notice any change, the problem is more complex.

When the faintness of your cushions’ color doesn’t go away with washing, it means the color has eroded with either too frequent washes, age, wearing out, or weather damage. All these can be combated with a fresh coat of fabric spray paint.

Outdoor cushion spray paint is formulated to seal all the signs of wear and tear from your cushions and reward them with a refreshed, vibrant color. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the paint fading away too quickly, as it’s highly durable and doesn’t wash away like paints of other consistencies.

Our Top 5 Best Fabric Spray Paint for Outdoor Cushions

Bringing back color to cushions can be difficult, especially with the endless array of fabric spray paints to choose from. We’ve made sure only to include spray paints that are favorites of casual at-home DIYers in our list. And, we’ve made sure they fit every budget too.

1. Dupli-Color High Performance Vinyl and Fabric Spray

To start off our list, we want to talk about this exceptional Dupli-Color spray paint. It’s mentioned several times in consumer reviews, and we’re impressed with its service.

This lacquer spray paint comes in a bottle of 11 ounces, which is more than enough to coat your cushions evenly. It might seem small, but don’t mistake it for fabric mediums or regular paint cans. Unlike those, this spray paint doesn’t leave any blank spots on outdoor cushions.

Have you ever noticed how tacky and plastic-like some paints feel when you lather them on leather? That’s precisely how paints with fabric mediums eventually start to feel with time. Fortunately, the seamless spraying technique of this product gives cushions, car seats, and other fabrics a natural finish.

“Flexible finish” is the key factor this spray paint promises to carry out. Other paint types, even spray paints, don’t have this feature, which causes the paint to crack and peel. But with this spray paint, you won’t ever need to worry about the color coming off, making it a highly durable product.

The feature we really liked is that with only a slight amount of product, you can get excellent coverage and vibrant color. It saves a lot of time and money on other supplies.


  • Excellent coverage does not leave untouched spots and gives vibrant color
  • Too many coats are not required, fully covers a large surface with a small amount
  • Flexible finish ensures paint won’t crack, peel or come off
  • It retains the softness of fabric with a natural feel and does not leave a tacky feel


  • Requires lacquer thinner as surface prep on certain materials

2. Rust-Oleum Specialty Outdoor Fabric Paint

Now, moving on to our next pick, this Rust-Oleum 12 oz outdoor fabric spray paint is specifically formulated for outdoor furniture and combats fading from harsh weather exposure.

The formula itself consists of polyurethane, which is the waterproofing polymer used in fabrics for tents. By adding this to the paint, it can protect surfaces of cushions from UV damage, fading, and harsh weather.

Rainfall and humidity, in particular, can fade out cushions rapidly. So, this spray paint is excellent in avoiding this issue.

However, just because this spray paint has water-repelling properties does not mean that it leaves a leathery feel afterward. It retains the original texture of your outdoor cushions and enhances their color and durability.

Its unique formula makes it softer than most spray paints while also providing excellent resistance to damaging fabric conditions.

The product distributes evenly at 5.5 square feet, which gives adequate coverage to all your outdoor cushions. The spray paint completely dries to the touch in just under an hour, leaving surfaces bright with rich color and excellent long-lasting effects.


  • Unique formula contains polyethylene, combats damage from harsh weather
  • Excellent for outdoors, added water-repelling properties to prevent fading
  • No leathery feel retains the original texture of surfaces and enhances color
  • Distributes evenly with brilliant coverage, provides long-lasting effects
  • Brilliant adhesion to a variety of different surface types, durable and long-lasting


  • May splatter occasionally
  • Fumes can irritate some users, has to be used outside

3. SUNGUARD Fabric UV Protectant and Sealant Spray

If you are more inclined to protect your outdoor cushions rather than just enhancing their color, the following product is for you.

This versatile spray paint can evenly cover any surface with soft material, whether it be outdoor cushions, pillows, rugs, doormats, grill covers, spinners, flags, or even inflatables. Because of this, you can save up on getting individual fabric paint for each surface type and get this all-in-one product.

A great feature of this spray paint is that it contains UV inhibitors that block out harmful rays and prevent color fading that is often increased by sun exposure. That makes it one of the best fabric spray paint for outdoor cushions, as it increases the life of your outdoor furniture, no matter how harsh the weather may be.

This spray paint gives the surfaces of cushions a sealant to add to their resistance to weather damage, which goes deep and below the material’s surface to fight stains from spills and smears. It prevents permanent damage to outdoor fabrics, such as discoloration, stickiness, and stiffness.


  • UV inhibitors to reduce damage from sun exposure prevents fading
  • Versatile can be used on any soft surface material like cushions, pillows, etc.
  • Prevents permanent damage from accidental spills, acts as a sealant
  • Great for outdoor use, can resist almost any kind of harsh weather


  • It needs to be reapplied from time to time

4. TULIP ColorShot Outdoor Upholstery Spray Paint

From all our picks on this list, this spray paint has by far the best user experience. In the majority of the outdoor fabric spray paint reviews we’ve come across, this product by TULIP has been praised time and time again. Here’s why.

First off, this spray paint does not cause splatter or drip at all. Most spray paints tend to spill out from the nozzle, causing them to splash over the surface and cause a mess. This product, however, has fine consistency, which promises a seamless and smooth application every time to the very last drop.

Not only that, but this spray paint also dries surprisingly quickly. Since it doesn’t clump inside the can and cause splutters, it’s easy to think the color might be very runny. But in fact, it just has a highly well-done formula that provides mess-free coverage with speedy drying that does not rub off.

Plus, the product is easily absorbed by natural and/or synthetic fabrics and retains the natural texture and appearance of the surface type. It rewards various fabric types with rich and vibrant color that is highly durable against UV radiation and weather damage.


  • Expertly produced consistency prevents splatters during application
  • Quick-drying provides mess-free coverage without rubbing off
  • Easily absorbed by a variety of fabrics, natural and synthetic
  • Protects surfaces from weather damage and harmful UV radiation
  • Smooth to the touch texture, does not feel goopy or clumpy with time


  • Can take few applications for full coverage
  • It may take more than one can for even coats

5. TULIP ColorShot Instant Fabric Color

For the final product on our list, we have another incredible option from the TULIP. This one’s a favorite among at-home DIYers for its easy application process and smooth-to-the-touch finish.

With just 3 ounces of product, this spray paint can evenly coat and provide stunning coverage to your outdoor cushions. The entire process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, and the paint dries quickly without leaving a plastic-like feel.

From cushions and pillows to clothes, this spray paint works great with a variety of different surface types. This includes both natural and synthetic fabrics, especially light-colored kinds.

Moreover, this spray paint is very compatible with washing machines. Unlike most spray paints, this one doesn’t crack and peel away during washes. The product goes deep into the fabric and clings onto it, preventing it from fading away.

Plus, this spray paint is completely mess-free. Like our other pick from TULIP, this one does not like splatter or drip during the application, resulting in a smooth and seamless finish.


  • Works with a variety of different fabric types, synthetic and natural
  • Perfect coverage with all over vibrant color that does not fade away
  • Does not splatter or drip during the application, smooth finish
  • Washing machine friendly, paint does not crack, peel, or discolor
  • Vibrant and full color does not require a topcoat


  • Not compatible with projects that require a lot of product
  • It might retain a slight smell for a few days after application

What to Look for Before Buying

Now that we’ve gone through all our picks for outdoor cushion spray paint, it’s almost time to make your final choice. However, there are some things you should keep in mind that will ensure you get the product that’s suited best for your DIY project. Here are some factors to prioritize –

1. Long Term Effect

No matter how beautiful the spray paint may look on your cushions, there’s no use if it’s going to fade away after a certain amount of time. That is why it’s crucial to keep an eye out for damage and age-resistant properties in every can you check out.

If you notice runniness in the spray paint during the application, it’s the first sign of weak paint. It can also be paired with a long drying process. Paints like these tend to come off on your skin and clothes when you come into contact with them.

To avoid this, you can check out our Rust-Oleum fabric spray paint reviews in our list.

2. Smooth Application

The application process is the most time-consuming step in your project. But, that does not mean it’s supposed to be tiring or painstaking. In fact, the quicker the paint dries, the more effective it will be in the long run.

However, avoid paints that have a chalky consistency. These will fade away in the wash.

Splatters and drips are common during painting tasks, but when you experience splashes of paint coming out of the nozzle of your spray can, it may be because it has poor consistency. Good spray paint should spray evenly and in a uniform fashion, which ensures that every blank surface is coated.

3. Color Quality

Some spray paints can be promoted for outdoor use but lack the vibrancy of actual paints used on outdoor furniture.

There’s not much you can look for on the label to get signs on whether a spray paint has good color quality, but you can try out swatches from local stores. However, if you’re buying online, then we suggest choosing from our list above for long-lasting and vibrant colors only.

4. Product Volume

To get a good idea of this factor, you first need to estimate how much paint you will need for your project.

Generally, you will need 1-2 cans of 10-ounce spray paints to cover one outdoor cushion. However, this can vary with the coverage of the spray paint label and the size of each of your outdoor cushions.

We recommend calling the consumer assistance line of the label of your choice to get a rough estimate. You can even talk to a local repair and/or home DIY store.

Why Spend More: Spray Painting Outdoor Cushions

We know how expensive at-home DIYing can get, but it’s good to go for investment rather than a nice deal for the best results. Cheap spray paints might promise you the same effects as the slightly more costly ones, but they’ll disappoint you in the long run.

Spray paints, which are costly, are expensive for a reason. They have more thought-out consistencies that have been tested and remade again and again to bring out the best results. These products are sure to last long enough to never require another coat and endure harsh weather conditions.

If you think about it, cheap spray paints will only put into a never-ending cycle of reapplying and restocking, which is more expensive than investing in good durable spray paint. This is exactly why you shouldn’t be afraid to spend more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best outdoor fabric paint?

Answer: From all the consumer reviews we’ve sifted through online, it seems as though the Rust-Oleum Specialty Outdoor Fabric Paint is an easy win among them. It has incredible, long-lasting effects alongside brilliant color quality, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the best outdoor fabric paints on the market.

2. Can Krylon spray paint be used on outdoor fabric?

Answer: Yes, Krylon spray paint for outdoor cushions is good on certain types of fabrics. However, consider going through our list of tips on deciding on the right kind of spray paint before settling on it.

3. Is outdoor fabric paint waterproof?

Answer: Yes, some outdoor fabric paints are waterproof. Specifically, you should look for spray paints with polyurethane for maximum water resistance without a leathery feel.

4. Can I use regular spray paint on the fabric?

Answer: We strongly advise against using regular spray paint on fabric. It might cause stiffness, discoloration, and allergic reactions to the skin. Instead, opt for spray paint intended for outdoor fabric use.

5. Does spray paint make fabric stiff?

Answer: Spray paints formulated for outdoor fabrics should not be stiff. However, if you do experience this issue, consider using a lacquer thinner in adequate amounts.


That brings us to the end of all our information on the best fabric spray paint for outdoor cushions. Hopefully, by now, we have properly equipped you with all that you have to know to make your final choice.

Remember to keep our advice in mind while making your pick, and don’t be afraid to go a little over budget. It’s a choice that will affect the future of your furniture, after all.

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